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Find Us In Crete, Athens And Thessaloniki

The Private Investigation Offices of the Private Researchers Association were established by experienced and competent professionals as a purpose to provide private research services throughout Greece and abroad. From the beginning of our operation to the present day, we have successfully completed hundreds of private investigations, which are confirmed by the clients who have trusted us.

Visit the private research offices of the Private Investigators Association in Heraklion Crete and its associated offices in Thessaloniki and Athens for immediate, responsible and discreet completion of your case.

CRETE, DIKAIOSINIS 7, 1st floor, P.C 71201, Heraklion
Phone: 2810 301785/ Mobile: 6942055384/Fax: 2810 301786

Collaborating Offices
Thessaloniki: Aristotelous 7
Phone: 2310 592102/Mobile: 6942055384

Athens: Aristotelous 83
Mobile: 6942055384